Leather Furniture Cleaning

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Leather Furniture Cleaning

Do you love your leather upholstered furniture but don’t know how to maintain its brand new condition? With its sophisticated gleam and soft touch, leather furniture can transform the look of your home and make it instantly appear classy. However to extend this look, you must get your furniture cleaned at regular intervals by trained professionals. Smile Cleaning Service is a leading cleaning service that specialises in leather furniture cleaning.

Why should you choose Smile for your leather furniture?

Smile Cleaning Service is a professional cleaning service that has served a number of happy clients. Be it upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning or floor cleaning, Smile is ready to serve. With a highly experienced team of trained cleaners, you can be assured of visibly cleaner furniture every time. The Smile Team is extremely meticulous and ensures that there is no damage to your belongings. The team gently cleans your furniture leaving behind no stains or unpleasant odours. You can begin using your furniture within 24 hours of the clean. Smile Cleaning Service believes in using only the best quality products and cleaning solutions for your home. Every product used is child and pet safe so you will not have to deal with any harmful side effects.

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You only need to fix an appointment with the Smile Team where they will make a home visit. The Team, armed with years of expertise, will assess the condition of your furniture and suggest a detailed plan for you. After this, hand over your furniture into the capable hands of the Smile Team and allow them to work their magic.

Benefits of Choosing Smile

  • Visibly cleaner furniture after every clean
  • Quick drying products so you can begin using furniture within 24 hours
  • No side effects as all products are pet and child safe
  • No damage to existing belongings
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