Beautiful Places to Take a Spring Walk in Manchester

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Beautiful Places to Take a Spring Walk in Manchester 

There’s nothing like a long walk to take your mind off a busy day. Coupled with a scenic view, a long walk can be extremely therapeutic and is known to have a calming effect. It refreshes and energizes your body, mind and spirit. Manchester is full of walking trails that are perfect for beginners and athletes alike. Here are few trails you can try for your next spring walk.

Worsley Village Circular: This three mile long walk hugs the picturesque village of Worsley. Dotted with some of the most beautiful homes in Manchester, Worsley Village Circular is perfect for beginners as it does not cover any rough terrain. Soothe your senses by stopping along the Bridgewater Canal and taking in the stunning vistas.

Best places to take a spring walk in Manchester

Peel Tower, Holcombe Moor and Ramsbottom: This trail offers everything you could want – be it scenic views, woodland paths, heritage and riverside ramblings. Slightly strenuous, your walk will take you to Peel Tower where you can admire the stunning views of the city of Manchester and the North West. Take a stroll along the idyllic town of Ramsbottom and mingle with the locals at your leisure.

Best places to take a spring walk in Manchester 1

Etherow Country Park Woodlands and Waterways: If you wish to go on a solitary woodland walk, Etherow Country Park is your best bet. This calm and beautiful walking trail surpasses numerous streams, rivers and ponds and offers complete peace and tranquility. Beginning and ending in the park itself, keep an eye out for the giant Kingfisher sculpture.

Best places to take a spring walk in Manchester 3

Kinder Scout: For those seeking a little bit of a challenge, Kinder Scout offers just that. At an elevation of 2000 ft, this is the highest climb in the peak district. A number of different routes lead to the peak with varying levels of intensity. Be sure to map your desired route before beginning your walk as there are several routes available. Gorgeous views and breezy winds greet you as soon as you reach the top making the walk an unforgettable experience.

Best places to take a spring walk in Manchester 4

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