Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy noticeably cleaner, healthier and fresher carpets in your Living Room, Bedrooms & throughout your entire home.

Our natural, deep-down Carpet Cleaning & Protect service will leave you with visibly cleaner carpets whilst improving durability and extending their life.




Extend the life of your upholstery and carpets and create a healthier environment for you and your family with our expert cleaning service. A proper, thorough clean by our technicians can freshen and restore your upholstery and carpets and give them a new lease of life.


  • From the one to one discussion about the job to the work being carried out, I found this company really professional and their pricing competitive. The clean itself was done ...
    Review posted on 26 Sep 2020 by Bernadette Wilsher
    Hi peter just wanted to thank you for an excellent job really impressed with the service will definitely recommend smile
    Review posted on 24 Sep 2020 by Daryl Ashton
    Excellent job No fuss. I hardly knew that he was in the house. Would certainly use you again
    Review posted on 24 Sep 2020 by malcolm skinner
  • Review posted on 23 Sep 2020 by Chris Hughes
    Great job.
    Review posted on 21 Sep 2020 by Martin Gilbert
    Prompt, professional service. The member of staff arrived promptly and he was really knowledgeable about the cleaning process. He moved the furniture around the work and he didn’t stop ...
    Review posted on 17 Sep 2020 by Alison Crossley
  • Very professional services turned up right on time kept to quote really happy with the service
    Review posted on 15 Sep 2020 by Sally Strapp
    Excellent York stone cleaning and sealing job by Damian from Smile. Transformed our kitchen - took 1.5 days for approx 20 sq m - and was excellent value for money
    Review posted on 15 Sep 2020 by Steve Gant
    Just wanted to say what a fabulous job Peter and his team do I would really recommend SMILE if you’re thinking about having your carpets cleaned You really won’...
    Review posted on 13 Sep 2020 by Patricia Haslam
  • Review posted on 13 Sep 2020 by Nicola Ross
    Professional and efficient service. Very pleased with the result and would definitely use them again.
    Review posted on 12 Sep 2020 by Helen
    Review posted on 09 Sep 2020 by Donna Gilbert

Key Benefits

Stay cleaner for londger

We don’t just clean the carpet surface, nor do we pressure wash the dirt down below the surface, only to have it reappear as the carpet dries. You want us to remove the dirt and unhealthy elements from your carpet and that is what we do. Carpets not only GET cleaner, they STAY cleaner for longer.

Hygienically healthy

Our expert carpet cleaners clean carpet and upholstery with a non-toxic solution, containing only totally safe, highly effective ingredients. Its has a neutral pH meaning after our pure and gentle carpet cleaning, your home is left fresh, hygienic and healthy.

Ensure a deep down carpet clean

We merely perfected it for carpet cleaning. The unbelievable cleaning power creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpets in a safe and gentle way. And because the solution does the work for us, our system does not need to use the gallons of soapy cleaning chemicals that steam cleaners or do-it-yourself machines rely on so much. Soapy residues attract dirt like a magnet, causing your carpet to get dirty again faster than ever. Our method of carpet cleaning will help your carpets keep cleaner for longer.

Have a healthier home

Many people assume that the best way to clean their carpets is through steam cleaning by “soaking” their carpets and “sucking” the water back out. But this soggy approach may have some serious drawbacks. Steam carpet cleaning can dump buckets of water on your carpet and pad. When left behind, this water can create a breeding ground for mould and bacteria in just hours. It can also leave behind chemicals and soapy, dirt-attracting residue. That is why our low moisture carpet cleaning process is the healthier option. Steam carpet cleaning uses gallons of water and high pressure. It drives dirt and moisture down into your carpet’s backing and underlay. This may result in, longer dry times which can create a breeding ground for mould and bacteria and reappearing spots caused by the dirt “wicking” up the carpet fibres as the carpet dries.

Our Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

We are Manchester's leading experts in Carpet Cleaning. Our 20 years of experience and total devotion to amazing customers like you, we guarantee to:


Give you noticeably Cleaner Carpets for longer


Lovingly move all of your furniture and put it back when we're finished


Extend the quality & life of your carpets


Kill the breeding bugs which are hiding deep down in your carpet


Give you a  dryer, faster and healthier cleaning process


Be Pet-Safe & Baby-Friendly with our unique neutral pH formula


Contact you the following day to make sure you are totally happy

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