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Carpet Cleaning TipsWe like to think of ourselves as Carpet Cleaning Experts and with over 20 years Carpet Cleaning Experience our team have picked up lots of great tips and tricks over the years.

From now on we will be sharing all our top carpet cleaning tips on our blog. Covering everything from getting rid of dirt and stains to the best ways to vacuum your carpets in order to help you keep them looking better for longer. ENJOY everyone!

Our Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

Keep your carpet looking great with our top 5 carpet cleaning tips

As with a lot of things prevention is the best cure.

If you can stop the dirt and stains appearing on your carpet it saves you a job trying to clean them!  A simple but highly effective tip to help you keep your carpet in great condition is to use doormats at entrances to your home. It is also a good idea to have a mat at any transition from a hard surface onto carpet, as it greatly reduces the amount of soil transferred onto your carpet.

Ask people to take off their shoes.

It may seem simple but the soul of a shoe can harbour a lot of dirt, especially in the cold and wet months.

Cleaning Up Stains

The odd spill and stain is inevitable in any household no matter how careful you are. If you do spill anything on your carpet then a quick solution to clean this is using a recommended carpet cleaning product. We have a great one that you can get for FREE! Spot Remover >> 

Make sure you Vacuum your carpets regularly

Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week and more often in areas of heavy traffic. Frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of your carpet by preventing a build-up of gritty particles that can cut carpet fibers. Every few weeks, take a little extra time and use your crevice tool for cleaning around baseboards and radiators and in other hard-to-reach places

Get your carpets cleaned by a professional

There is no definitive answer to how often your carpets need to be cleaned properly. You will know best though when your carpets are ready for a spruce up. Using professionals means you can guarantee that the job is done properly by people who know exactly what they are doing.

Want more advice? Why not get in touch with our team of experts for more carpet cleaning tips?

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