Bury Hospice Charity Bike Ride

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Bury Hospice Charity Bike Ride


I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you all for your support on this great Bury Hospice Charity event.

I have just had a conversation with my Friend Stephen Thompstone who is blown away with the £6K we have raised so far, he asked me if I felt we could get to £7K before the ride I said I don’t think so, but if we could I would do the last part of the ride in a Makini.

We posted this out on Facebook and managed to generate near £150 in a matter of minutes

If you want to publicly humiliate me click the link and donate NOW http://www.justgiving.com/majortreasure

All the companies that I have promised shirts too I will send out in the post after the Bury Hospice Charity Bike Ride.

I cant wait to do this for a great local cause http://www.buryhospice.co.uk/.

You can find all information about our challenging bike ride on this page below, and you can also follow our journey on Twitter and Facebook.

Bike Ride Information >>>

Don’t forget you can donate to this great cause by using the Just Giving link below, we cannot believe how much money we have raised so far, all of which that will go towards such a local charity.

Just Giving Link >>>

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