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Sundays are characterized by lazy afternoons and leisurely pace. However, you can also unwind by taking a scenic walk along the many circular walkways in Clitheroe. With a variety of options to choose from each differing in intensity and difficulty, you can be assured that you will have a memorable Sunday. Check out our guide to Sunday Walks in Clitheroe…

Chipping and Parlick Pike: A leisurely stroll between Chipping and Parlick is ideal for all beginners who do not wish to exert themselves. With its quaint and narrow paths, this walkway allows for scenic views and will remind you of a bygone era. The entire path is dotted with old houses and cottages which add a certain depth and character to your route. Stop by the ancient St Bartholomew’s Church for a quick lesson in history.

Hyndburn Ramblers to Downham: Slightly more intense, this trail can be a little daunting for first timers. The walk begins towards Worston along the hills of Worsaw and continuing towards Warren Hill. The open fields give you a chance to absorb nature’s beauty and just allow you to take in the breathtaking sights. As you make your way towards Downham, you will be greeted with cheerful flowers, plants and lush flora fauna that is an instant energizer.

Downham and Pendle Hill: Standing at an imposing 1827 ft above sea level, Pendle Hill is one of Clitheroe’s tallest hills. This massive structure dominates the skyline of nearby towns and villages. Since this walk requires a steep climb, this walkway is advisable for more advanced hikers or trekkers. As you climb this massive hill you could be fortunate to encounter a rare occurrence. Legend has it that when the snow melts, pockets are left in holes which take the shape of a witch on a broomstick! This is how the Hill is sometimes referred too as Witches Hill.          

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