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A couple of our regular and repeat carpet & upholstery cleaning customers have asked us to implement this idea

It’s took us a couple of months to have it programmed into our system that helps us manage our customers jobs and our Carpet Cleaning technician diaries

Well its completed and live now.

So you may have had a text or an email saying we last cleaned your carpet or upholstery on such a date, we are now in your street cleaning one of your neighbours give us a call and we will nip in and provide you with a quote for your carpet & upholstery.

This is a positive step to organising our workload to suit us and our customers, it allows us to provide you with our amazing cleaning power and month offers

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

If you have any questions regarding our services please call us on the number below or email us using the contact form. You can also check out our carpet cleaning and upholstery pages to find out all the key benefits of having your carpet and upholstery regularly cleaned. Which is why this service is perfect, to ensure you are reminded when the time is correct to have your beloved home expertly cleaned.

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