National Blood Week

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National Blood Week

As part of National Blood Week, NHS Blood and Transplant have launched a campaign to get more people to give blood. We need over 204,000 new donors to come forward to replace people who can’t donate anymore and to make sure we have the right mix of blood groups.

Company Awareness

To help raise the profile of this campaign companies are removing the blood group type from their company name

sample being  Google would become G  gle

Here our logo showing the support to Blood Week

National Blood Week

C rpet Cle ning

You won’t miss it when you give it; but patients could miss it if you don’t. Do something amazing and save or improve up to three lives by giving blood.

What to do for National Blood Week

If you’ve given blood before do something amazing today and book a session. If you’ve never donated then this is a great time to find out your blood type and visit a local event in your area.

Help in an emergency

On the NHS Blood and Transplant page you can read how real life people helped in an emergency. More specifically the stories of negative O donors explain how they felt when their blood was blue-lighted to an emergency, after the Manchester arena terror attack.

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