How to Remove Spots from a carpet

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Here Is our Guide on ‘How to Remove Spots from a carpet’


We all tend to panic when we spill something on our carpet but first things first do not panic, our guide on ‘How to Remove Spots from a carpet?’ can help remove the offending item from the room.

  • Soak up liquids with a white kitchen roll, paper tissues or a clean white cloth
  • scoop up or scrape off solids
  • try to identify unknown spots prior to treatment
  • use small quantities of Spot Remover at a time, applied to the cloth, NOT directly to the spot. Always pretest every product in an inconspicuous area of the carpet
  • BLOT; do NOT rub
  • always work from the edge of the spot inwards
  • take great care when applying solvents to bitumen backed carpet tiles
  • when using solvents ensure there is plenty of fresh air ventilation
  • thoroughly rinse out water based spotters with clean water
  • dry the spot if possible with a hair dryer on cool

We hope our guide on ‘How to Remove Spots from a carpet?’ has helped you remove those accidental spillages.

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