How to get Blood out of a carpet

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How to get Blood out of a carpet?

How to get Blood out of a carpet is a common question we get asked, below is our guide to help remove blood…


As with all spills, act as quickly as possible to stop it spreading further and soaking into the carpet. Grab some kitchen roll, or a clean old towel (it needs to be absorbent) and soak up the spilled blood by blotting.  Keep doing this, as firmly as you can, until no more blood comes out of the carpet onto the cloth.  Never, never be tempted to rub or scrub at the carpet.

Then, following the instructions on our bottle of Spot Remover. Continue to dab (remember– never rub) at the fabric with a clean cloth moistened, with the solution,  until no more blood residue comes out onto the cloth. During this process, take care not to over-wet the carpet.

If you don’t happen to have our product under your sink try the above with plain or fizzy water only.

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