How Often Do Your Carpets Need Cleaning by Professionals?

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How often do your carpets need cleaning by professionals?

Are you wondering how often your carpets should be professionally cleaned? We have the answers here…

Maintaining the health of your carpets can be quite a task. With constant traffic, spillage and stains your carpets are bound to get dirty. There is much debate about how we should care for our carpets. Some people believe in daily vacuuming, while others suggest a deep clean every three months by professionals. Cleaning services like Smile Carpet Cleaning offer complete cleaning solutions for every type of carpet you could have. Cleaning by professionals is preferred in the long run as it a specialized job and helps keep your carpets pristine. However, if you have pets, children or lots of traffic in your home, you must use your vacuum cleaner on a daily basis to maintain the overall cleanliness.

When should you contact Smile?

To get the most time out of your carpets, you must clean them even before it shows signs of soiling. With constant use, dust from the environment settles into the fibres of the carpet and breaks down the structure of the carpet. This can cause the carpet to age prematurely and look ragged. The dust and dirt acts like sandpaper to your carpet and chips away the fibres present in the carpet. Hence, a proper steam cleaning is the best way to ensure good health for your valuable carpets.

How often do your carpets need cleaning by professionals

What is the frequency of cleanings?

A simple rule to remember is more people means more traffic. Generally speaking, a family of 6 plus pets should get their carpets cleaned as often as every three months. Similarly, a family of two without pets or children can get away with cleaning their carpets once a year. If your home is in a city that is exposed to pollution and dust, you will need to get your carpets professionally cleaned more often than those living in a secluded neighbourhood away from pollution.

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How Often Should Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?

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