On Your Bike: Best Cycle Routes in Bury

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Best cycle routes in Bury

There are a number of ways you can explore a city. Be it private cars, public transport or by foot, each mode of transport offers a different experience. However, the best way to explore the charming city of Bury is the old fashioned bicycle. Environmentally-friendly and free from traffic rules, a regular cycle will help you admire this quaint town and also help you get in a few hours of much-needed exercise. Here are some of the best cycle routes in Bury which will allow you to take in the sights of this lovely city.

Bury Circular Cycle Route: The circular cycle route is a leisure ride of around 13 miles, across rural West Pennine Hills north of the Black Pudding capital of Bury. Take in the sights of beautiful villages such as Affetside with its ancient cross- the halfway cross between London and Edinburgh. The route involves a few hilly areas and can be a little tiring for beginners. However if you are a seasoned cyclist, you will find no difficulty in completing the route. 

Bury Radcliffe Loop Cycle Route: This intense 20 mile route can be a little intimidating towards the end, but is well worth the effort as it circles the entire Radcliffe region. The route takes you through the historic city of Ramsbottom and surpasses many scenic sights on its way. You can also stop by many of the cafes and pubs in Ramsbottom for a quick breather before continuing on your way. Prior experience is preferred as it is 20 miles long, but determined beginners can give it a shot as well.   

 Manchester to Bury Cycle Route: If you are keen on visiting the football city of Manchester, you can opt for the Manchester to Bury Cycle Route. At 13 miles, the ride follows the National Cycle Route beginning from Oxford Road train station. The route then makes its way through the city centre before joining the river Irwell. Ride along the riverfront passing Pendlebury and Clifton where a lovely off road section takes you through Clifton Country Park. End your journey around Elton Reservoir and into Bury town centre.

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