10 Things To Do in Manchester This Summer

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10 Things To Do in Manchester This Summer

It’s that time again! That time during the year when kids are at their most excited because it means the end of school, and when adults couldn’t care less because, well, work doesn’t really take a break for anyone or anything, does it? Not even for summer.

Hold that thought though, because Manchester is a place that’s brimming with culture, life, history, and of course, football. And whether you’re a child who wants to spend the entire summer out in the sun or an adult who just wants a break from the adult life, we’ve found 10 things for you to do in Manchester this summer!

1. Manchester Football Museum Tour

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The National Football Museum offers daily guided tours where friendly museum guides walk you through the museum and tell you its history and the history of the objects on display. The museum’s exclusive short film Our Beautiful Game is also available to watch. Catch the available dates to experience every football fan’s dream!

2. Learn To Ride

things to do in manchester this summer 2

Transport for Greater Manchester offers free riding sessions and maintenance for cyclists across not only Bury but also the whole of Greater Manchester. This summer’s activities include free cycling sessions for beginners, basic and intermediate bicycle maintenance, and free sessions teaching riders how to get ready for the road.

3. Adventure Camp

things to do in manchester this summer 3

Calling all adventurers! Moorland Adventure offers a wide variety of summer activities guaranteed to get your heart pumping. This self-proclaimed adventure camp includes several adrenaline-inducing outdoor activities including rock climbing, kayaking, abseiling, trekking, and much more. Extreme sports = extreme summer fun at Moorland Adventure!

4. Library Crafts

things to do in manchester this summer 4

Bury has a great variety of activities this summer that will boost creativity for children of all ages. This year’s itinerary includes several fun activities including Fabric Art, Craft Table, Craft Sessions and LEGO Sessions, and ones with fun names like Crazy Penguins, Peacocks Tail, Crafternoon Delights, Cock-a-Doodle-Do, What Time Is It Mr Wolf, Parade of the Penguins, and Funimals.

5. Mug Making

things to do in manchester this summer 5

This 4-hour workshop, open to both beginners and those who are experienced with ceramics, will teach you how to make a slab-built ceramic mug and use clay-relief and coloured underglazes as surface decoration. Your mug will then be fired, glazed and ready for you to collect and drink from in just a month! Buy your tickets now!

6. Street Photography

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This exclusive street photography workshop is perfect for older kids or teens who have a passion for art and/or photography, or those who have never held a camera but are interested in starting. Led by professional photographer Keith Moss, participants will learn how to open their eyes to photographic opportunities and to capture the essence of the bohemian part of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. In this workshop, you will learn the art of preparation and composition, as well as how to capture images both openly and discretely, among many other things. Click here to book a session!

7. Outdoor Cinema

things to do in manchester this summer 7

For those who love all things entertainment, Preston Guild City are hosting an outdoor cinema extravaganza at Moor Park. Screening all-time favorites like Pixar’s The Incredibles, Harry Potter, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and, of course, Star Wars, this event is free and open to everyone from your newborn baby who ought to start their adventure in the world with a good film, to your 90-year-old grandmother. Register now!

8. Project Craft

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Thirsty for some creativity this summer? Look no further! Paperchase’s Project Craft offer a host of creativity-boosting activities from scrapbooking, card-making, die cutting, making paper flowers, to lino printing and making Do-It-Yourself stationery. Check out their list of sessions and make something unique and wonderful today!

9. Kids Presenting

things to do in manchester this summer 9

Bring your kids into the spotlight! TV Training Academy are hosting a fun, informative and interactive training workshop where your kids will learn everything from presenting to a camera, communicating effectively, to working with a green screen, as well as useful tips like why body language and vocal tone are important in communication. At the end of the day, the footage will be professionally edited into a showreel and given to each presenter for future casting applications or as a souvenir for the day. Book a session now!

10. Tatton Park Series of Events

things to do in manchester this summer 10

It’s a drive away from Manchester but Tatton Park is famous for hosting 100 events each year. This summer, participants will have the opportunity to experience the Farm like never before, with activities like milking demonstrations, dog shows, exploration of areas of the park not usually open to visitors, scavenger hunts, and what is considered to be the highlight of the day – sheep racing! Check out their list of activities here and make a special summer out of it!

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