Healthy Home Service


Our healthy home service is the ultimate in upholstery maintenance with all the benefits of the Clean Only and Clean & Protect service and much cheaper and less hassle than replacing your soft furnishings!

We aim to give you as much detail as possible so during our healthy home service upholstery we will:

    1. Thoroughly vacuum & pre-treat spills, spots & stains
    2. Deep clean the upholstery using exclusive low moisture system
    3. Sanitise & deodorise your upholstery with our Anti-Allergen Treatment
    4. Brush or towel the fabric as required
    5. Protect your upholstery with our Stain Repellant
    6. Contact you 24 hours later to make sure you’re totally happy with the results


During this service your upholstery will receive Anti-Bacterial / Anti Microbial treatment only administered by professionals. It breaks down odours and bacteria caused by pet soiling, illness including vomit etc and it is effective against MRSA and C-difficile.

This service is safe to use around the home as it is Mite Anti-Allergen. This biodegradable solution contains powerful active ingredients. All of these are proven to be effective against household dust mite anti-allergens, neutralising and rendering them harmless.  Anti-Bacterial, Anti Microbial and Mite Anti-Allergen mean your seating is as healthy and safe for as a long as possible, getting the most out of your furniture.

Not only does the healthy home package maintain upholstery but we can also see the benefits on your rugs too. Call us today to receive a free quote on 0161 763 3133 or email us



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