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Many things can trigger asthma and allergies and cause you to not sleep as well as you could. The most common causes that come into your home from outside are air pollutants, mould and fungi spores. A more common trigger, however, is the droppings of house dust mite. These microscopic little creatures can’t be seen, but the reaction to their dropping includes itching, sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. In more severe cases it even contributes to triggering asthma attacks.  Millions of them live in your mattress and carpets, feeding on the skin cells we shed overnight.

The Asthma UK organisation recommends cleaning your soft furnishings and treating them with an Anti-Dust Mite Allergen product.

So call today to receive this bespoke package, it may help reduce symptoms of Asthma and Allergies or check out what is included in this package below.





  • Review posted on 12 Feb 2024 by Marie Fuller
    Kitchen floor looks like new again! We’re extremely pleased with the result and can highly recommend Smile. Damian worked hard to get our Karndean floor sparkling once more!
    Review posted on 25 Jan 2024 by Peter W
    Fantastic from start to finish. Damian arrived on time, did a great job and the results were fab. Excellent Customer Service too. Highly recommend.
    Review posted on 16 Jan 2024 by Siobhan H
  • On time, efficient, price as quoted, an excellent job.
    Review posted on 16 Jan 2024 by Gerard Ryan
    Great service. Damian was on time and really nice. Excellent clean done quickly and efficiently. Would recommend and their customer service is great.
    Review posted on 10 Jan 2024 by vicky raymer
    Very professional service. Arrived promptly, very friendly and polite. Really pleased with how the carpets look after being cleaned
    Review posted on 10 Jan 2024 by Andrea Buckley
  • Booking process very easy Cleaned a carpet in kitchen dinning area excellent cleaning professional service would highly recommend
    Review posted on 10 Jan 2024 by Diane Heyes
    On Monday November 20th 2023, my sad looking Amtico tiles became transformed from boring to brilliant thanks to the work of Damian from Smile Carpet Cleaning. They have now reverted back ...
    Review posted on 25 Nov 2023 by sylvia rutter
    Amazing is all can say, first class from start to finish
    Review posted on 09 Nov 2023 by Michael Bolton
  • fantastic service, used before and will use again
    Review posted on 25 Sep 2023 by peter gratrix
    Very professional and did a great job. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to a friend.
    Review posted on 21 Sep 2023 by Jill McBurney
    Smile carpet cleaning was brilliant. Arrived on time, worked quickly and professionally. Delighted with the results of both my carpets and sofa. I will be using them again.
    Review posted on 04 Sep 2023 by Vanessa Thomas
  • We are very happy with the result on our carpet. It looks like new. Even the trodden in blutak came off.
    Review posted on 20 Aug 2023 by Sue beirne
    Fantastic 👍
    Review posted on 14 Aug 2023 by andy h
    Highly recommended. Thank you for your service and fixing my problem without fuss.
    Review posted on 07 Aug 2023 by mark stead

Key Benefits

Sleep Better.

Beneficial to Asthma & Allergy Sufferers

Increase the Life of Your Furnishings.

Use Your Room the Same Evening.

Safe Anti-Allergen Treatment Used.

Includes a 20oz Retail Can of our Dust Mite Anti-Allergen Treatment.


  1. At a high temperature we will, deep clean your mattress to remove as many dust mites and allergens as possible.
  2. Use a Turbo Dryer to speed drying.
  3. Apply our specialist Dust Mite Anti-Allergen Treatment to the mattress.
  4. Continue Turbo Drying whilst we…
  5. Thoroughly deep clean your Bedroom carpet.
  6. Apply Dust Mite Anti-Allergen Treatment to your bedroom carpet.
  7. Leave Turbo Dryer running to assist drying whilst we inspect the items with you to ensure you’re delighted.
  8. Advise on how best to help the items finish drying as quickly as possible so you can use them the same evening.
  9. Pack away cleaning equipment and finally load the Turbo Dryer.
  10. Leave you with a 20oz Home use can of our Dust Mite Anti-Allergen product for you to use every three months on your mattress.
  11. All these steps can help relieve the symptoms of Asthma and Allergies.
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