ATP Testing

In unprecedented times like this, knowledge is power and ATP testing allows us to detect, mitigate and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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Our technician taking swabs can determine cleanliness on those high-touched areas


This handheld unit called a luminometer can give us instant results


ATP testing ensure thorough cleaning; creating a safe environment


  • Review posted on 03 May 2024 by Alison holland
    Brilliant service, I would highly recommend.
    Review posted on 26 Apr 2024 by Barbara Sharples
    Absolute great service. We had a really dirty suit it looks like new now.
    Review posted on 24 Apr 2024 by Barbara Sharples
  • Doreen Cumming Work was carried out efficiently by Damian to lounge carpet and dining chairs and i am booking Smile again to clean bedroom carpets also have passed Smiles details ...
    Review posted on 22 Apr 2024 by doreen. C
    We are very happy with the newly cleaned carpets in our home. The two carpet cleaning men were very pleasant and efficient. Thank you.
    Review posted on 17 Apr 2024 by Catherine Sweetlove
    Great job by Smile as per usual. Sofa as good as new!
    Review posted on 11 Apr 2024 by James Booth
  • Great job. Damian was first class and very professional.
    Review posted on 09 Apr 2024 by Paul Galvin
    Great job freshening up our 2 sofas, experienced workmen, job, fully informed from start to finish.
    Review posted on 27 Mar 2024 by Wendy Taylor
    Friendly service provided with no fuss
    Review posted on 27 Mar 2024 by Mark Taylor
  • Great service. Lounge carpet plus stairs and landing cleaned well
    Review posted on 26 Mar 2024 by Kathy Blackledge
    Really happy with the carpet cleaning that John has done for me. Although he was late he didn’t rush the job
    Review posted on 22 Mar 2024 by Louise Walker
    fantastic job
    Review posted on 07 Mar 2024 by Sundas Ikram
  • Used these guys first time ever they were superb i will defo use these guys again for my stairs 100%recommend them and they come on time.
    Review posted on 07 Mar 2024 by Raja Khan
    Review posted on 07 Mar 2024 by Simon Molloy
    Really great service, arrived on time, job was completed quickly and well, Damien took the time to go through the job with me at the end and point out any ...
    Review posted on 07 Mar 2024 by Lauren Tew

What are the benefits of ATP Testing?

Why call Smile and allow us to ATP test your clean?


ATP Testing allows us to verify cleaning


Ensures thorough cleaning especially in the high-touch areas such as door handles


We can track progress


 What is ATP testing?

ATP Testing allows us to measure cleanliness. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an enzyme that is present in all organic matter, this can be living or once-living, it is found in things such as blood, saliva and bacteria. Our technicians will take a swab from the surface and test it in the handheld unit called a luminometer. We can get the results within seconds. However, ATP testing doesn’t detect the kind of bioburden or pathogens left on the surface but it does assess the cleanliness of surfaces. 

 How do we use ATP testing?

Our team carries out ATP testing before and after we have fully cleaned the area, to determine the cleanliness verification. The results from the test allow us to give you and your clients a peace of mind by generating reports and analysing the data of your clean through a specialized software system. We can also offer your business monitoring programmes this means that we can quickly identify problem areas to prevent any further risk or infection.

We stay up to date with the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation to ensure we are giving the best possible service.

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