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Covid-19 Deep Cleaning

Has Your Business Been Impacted by Covid-19? How are you protecting your workplace and creating a safer environment for you, your staff, and customers?

Smile Carpet Cleaning can help. Contact us on 0161 763 3133 to discuss any of your cleaning and sanitisation needs in the coming weeks.

Mark, one of our lead infection control technicians, bio-fogging a school in Manchester before it re-opens.

What can we do to sanitize your workplace?

We understand that ensuring your workplace is a safe and healthy environment for you, your team and customers is a pressing priority. In order to reopen your doors, you want peace of mind that your workplace has been cleaned and sanitized. 

We are medical-grade cleaning specialists who assist a number of schools, office, hospitality and healthcare facilities throughout Greater Manchester to regularly clean and sanitise their premises. We have had associations with banks, insurance companies and business owners for almost twenty-six years in this specific area. We are also members of The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners.

We can offer deep cleaning and sanitisation services on your:

carpets, upholstery, chairs, desktops, light switches, keyboards, telephone equipment, doors/door handles, kitchens, WC’s, canteens, lift doors and lift carriages as well as the general office/industrial areas.

What can we do to sanitize your home?

We understand it is important to keep your home clean in light of the current public health crisis. Our team of medical-grade cleaning experts can accommodate you if you need to stay in the premises whilst we carry out the clean. In most cases, we would advise that whilst we carry out the full clean for you and your family to organise vacating the property. In most instances, you will be able to move back in and sleep in the premises the same day.

Politie notice: If you or someone you have been in close proximity to, has been tested positively for Covid-19 or have any signs of the common symptoms, please alert us before we arrive at the premises. We are still able to carry out our planned sanitisation and disinfection techniques but will take extra safety precautions. 

Damien, one of Smile’s infection control technicians, bio-fogging a government building in central Manchester.

Currently, there isn’t a product on the market that is known to directly deal with the latest strain of coronavirus on surfaces and there has not been enough time for products to be tested against it. There are, however, a number of products that are used that are known to kill other viruses which were a lot more complicated to deal with, such as the norovirus, SARS, and other coronavirus strains.

As infection control specialists, we use medical-grade sanitisation and disinfectant which has a  6-log kill rate (99.9999) comparing this to a household product like Dettol that has a 3-log kill rate (99.9). Also our product is completely safe to use round children and pets which is important to us.

Our qualified team uses enhanced sanitisation practices along with sanitising the equipment we use after every clean and before we bring it onto your premises.

Viruses have to be cleaned with specialist chemicals and solutions. Before cleaning your surface, we use a virucidal treatment, which we leave for 15-20 minutes to completely break down viruses on your surfaces. Finally, we apply an NHS approved treatment which completely sanitises the surface and carries on working after the treatment to give you lasting protection, even once we have left your premises. The treatment we use is the most effective disinfectant on the market and is completely safe for humans. 

We swab test before and after our cleaning process to prove that our bio-clean has been successful.

We offer onsite testing to show to clients, like you, that our cleaning process is effective. 

Our staff are fully trained and wear full PPE & RPE equipment and the services we offer are;

  • uplift & return keys of premises;
  • videos & photographs of the site before & after
  • Swab test surfaces & touchpoints before to start our process 
  • deep cleaning to the property 
  • bio fog with our state of the art equipment  
  • our cleaning equipment cleans at around 90 degrees Celsius (including all soft furnishings), which is a more effective temperature for tackling germs and bacteria.
  • Swab test touchpoints after we have treated them 
  • Issue a certificate for the work we have carried 
  • Send our test results via email of our finding from swabbing 

Nobody can guarantee that their processes and chemicals are 100% effective against all bacteria, however, with almost 26 years of experience in this area, and the qualifications required, we are uniquely placed to tackle this type of deep clean and provide some reassurance to your workforce that their premises and the equipment they use ha been adequately sanitised to use again. 

An example of our swab test results, we give you data on how clean your property was before and after our clean to prove that our bio-clean procedure has been effective. 

Please contact us on 0161 763 3133 to discuss any of your cleaning and sanitisation needs in the coming weeks.

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